Study/ PR/ Tourist Visa

Study/PR/ Tourist Visa

Whether you want to settle abroad or want to go out to study, the decision involves a huge financial, as well as emotional capital and decisions involving such investments, need wise counseling. The Danube, with an active and forth-looking approach, helps candidates in choosing the right Universities and courses which are suitable for them. If a candidate is looking for PR, the country is decided based on the candidate’s choice, the country’s eligibility criteria and the candidate’s compliance with it. Our experts are able to give out precise information and assistance based on their years of on-ground experience. Even if you are traveling for a short period of time on a visit/tourist visa, an overseas journey keeps us anxious when it comes to all the paperwork, immigration scenarios of the destination and the travel itself, and we have pledged to make it a cakewalk for you.

Our Vision

"Danube Overseas is a one-stop destination for your travel related concerns. We understand that you are ready to explore the world and experience the bounty that the blue planet is offering you. Whetheryou’re a curious soul, a wanderer or a seeker, we help you to ensure that the journey you undertake creates a memory of a lifetime. The next decision you make whether for fun, adventure or to give shape to your education or career, we are there to help you at each and every step. We make sure that the moments before embarking on a journey you’re not paranoid or stressed about the documentation, paperwork, and filing of the correct formality. So leave it to us, and spend quality time in manifesting or simply creating a bucket list."