Spousal Sponsorship

Spouse Visa

Similar to parental sponsorship, one can sponsor their spouses. The Basic Guide (IMM 5525) has all the important information about:

The Spouse visa Canada is one of the ways in which the Canadian government shows its commitment to keeping immigrant families together. The spouse visas Canada along with the Dependent Visa Canada allow citizens and permanent residents of Canada, who are above the age of majority, i.e. 18 years to sponsor dependent family members which includes, spouse, children, parents, grandparents, and common law partners.

The Spouse Visa Canada, allows Canada PR visa holders and citizens to sponsor their spouse or a common-law partner who is currently residing outside of Canada to apply to live in Canada. For the purpose of this visa, the Canadian government defines spousal arrangements in the following ways :-

A spouse is a person whom you have legally married as per your religious customs and have registered your marriage with the civic authorities in your city.

A Common-Law Partner is a person with whom you have had a conjugal relationship for at least one year on a continuous basis, with exceptions being granted for short trips for family or business purposes.You should be able to prove that are living together in the same house.

A conjugal partner is one with whom you have common-law relationship, but have not been together for a period of one year or one who are not able to marry due to prevailing laws in your native country.

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